What can I do for you?


Hi, lovelies!

This blog isn’t just for me to pour out my thoughts about books, review them and post some of my own work. It is also about giving back to the wonderful bookish community that has taken me in. I am open to a great number of ideas, and if you don’t see your project listed below – I am still encouraging you to contact me! Just let me know what it is you would like from me.

So what can I do for you?


Review your book

This is what my site is here for! Just send an email with the request. Tell me something about your book and yourself, and if you like, your motivation for writing this story. I accept both ebook and print formats. Please take note that I only review YA, fantasy and/or scifi for Adventures of a Bookish Girl.

The reviews will be in English , but this query is open to books written in Dutch as well as English. If you are a Dutch author, check with your publisher: I request ARC’s through my job as a bookseller as well – maybe I already have your book.


Featuring book related content

I get seriously happy about any book related merch, from scented candles to bookmarks to whatever new revolutionary thing you’ve thought of. So of course I am willing to feature this on my website and other social media (Instagram and Tumblr). Contact me via email and tell me something about your product, I would love photo’s if you have them. We can then discuss the amount of exposure, how you would like them featured (photo, film), and where you can send the samples to. Please note I live in The Netherlands, so check if you have to ship internationally.


Beta reading

Do you need another beta reader? Look no further, I would love to do this for you. I will be thorough and honest in what I think about your work, from character development to world building to sentence shaping. If you like what I am doing with my reviews, you have some sense of my beta reading-style as well. Do think of me when you are in the process of putting out a YA / fantasy / scifi book and would like some input from an actual genre-fan with proofreading experience.


Editing / proofreading (open to both authors and literary academics)

I can help you anywhere from basic spelling and grammar checks to actually proofreading and editing your work. As a writer, parttime (web)editor and an academic, I have ample experience in checking anything ranging from an article to a full novel. This includes peer-reviewing as well for the academics. You can send me your work if it’s written in Dutch or English.

If you contact me, please let me know what kind of work it is, the length, and by which time you would like it finished. We can discuss all the details via direct contact, but do take into account that I have a 32h job, and that there is a slight limit to the miracles I can perform timewise. If you would like to take me on for a longer period of time, such as multiple proofreads throughout your process, I am open to that as well.


Writing buddies

I am still looking for compatible writing buddies, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you are too. Under the heading “Chapters” you can (unsurprisingly) find the first few chapters of my main project.


Contact information and policy

All queries can be sent to adventuresbookishgirl@gmail.com

Please note that I will respond to your request as quickly as possible, but that this still may take a few days.