Furyborn | Claire Legrand | 4 stars

I am so excited for Furyborn! I was ever since I read the plot on Goodreads. Two queens in prophecy, but a 1000 years apart? I'm calling that a unique idea in YA fantasy. The book also looks pretty amazing, and after reading it I am still just as enthusiastic about Claire Legrand's Furyborn. I wonder what's … Continue reading Furyborn | Claire Legrand | 4 stars

Save the Date | Morgan Matson | 4 stars

I always start off my reviews of contemporary YA with the disclaimer that I don't often read contemporary YA. Recently I've been reading a bit more of it, and I don't know if I can comfortably say that anymore. I do still love fantasy more as a genre, but I've been reading my fair share … Continue reading Save the Date | Morgan Matson | 4 stars