Furyborn | Claire Legrand | 4 stars

I am so excited for Furyborn! I was ever since I read the plot on Goodreads. Two queens in prophecy, but a 1000 years apart? I'm calling that a unique idea in YA fantasy. The book also looks pretty amazing, and after reading it I am still just as enthusiastic about Claire Legrand's Furyborn. I wonder what's … Continue reading Furyborn | Claire Legrand | 4 stars

Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor | 3.5 stars

Honestly, it is more like 3.75 stars than 3.5. I have been debating with myself for a long time, considering that I found 3.5 stars too little, but 4 stars a bit too much credit. In the end decided on 3.5 ONLY because the things I did not like made up such a big part of … Continue reading Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor | 3.5 stars

The Assassin’s Blade | Sarah J Maas

The Assassin's Blade Sarah J Maas Bloomsbury (9781408851982) I strongly believe that it is best to read in the order in which books were written. Thus, that would put this collection of novella's squarely after the second novel, Crown of Midnight. I hold to this theory because I consider an author's thought process important, even more so than the timeline … Continue reading The Assassin’s Blade | Sarah J Maas