Sky in the Deep | Adrienne Young | 3 stars

I read Sky in the Deep after requesting it as an ARC from the publisher. I'm usually a little reserved when it comes to books about the far past. I can't really tell you why that is, because one of my favourite books ever since I was sixteen is Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel. … Continue reading Sky in the Deep | Adrienne Young | 3 stars

Earth Flight | Janet Edwards

Earth Flight Janet Edwards Harper Voyager (9780007443512) And it's back up to five! What a surprise, after two great books in the Earth Girl series, Janet Edwards delivers again with her conclusion, Earth Flight. Although, let's not be too hasty. There are instances in which a badly written third book can spoil an entire trilogy for you (looking at you, Tahereh Mafi). … Continue reading Earth Flight | Janet Edwards