Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor | 3.5 stars

Honestly, it is more like 3.75 stars than 3.5. I have been debating with myself for a long time, considering that I found 3.5 stars too little, but 4 stars a bit too much credit. In the end decided on 3.5 ONLY because the things I did not like made up such a big part of … Continue reading Strange the Dreamer | Laini Taylor | 3.5 stars

The Totally Should’ve Book Tag

Hi everyone! I'm about to go off the internet grid again, so I really wanted to throw in another little book tag for you to tie everyone over (it's a long story, but it's the reason behind my sporadic posting these days - I no longer have a working internet connection at home). I found this … Continue reading The Totally Should’ve Book Tag