It’s taken me a little while.

But I’ve decided to put up a few chapters of the story I’m working on. It is going to be monstruously long by the time I’m finished with it, which will be somewhere between a year from now and never. I’ve yet to send it in, and I’m quite sure I will, but that’s not really the end goal for me. It has the additional problem of me writing in English, being a Duchie. It makes no sense to send it in to Dutch publishers, and I don’t know how the UK / US systems work yet.

It’s a big step for me even putting it up here. Very few people have been “allowed” to read it before. I started writing stories when I was twelve, and I have only shared maybe two or three. And those only with less than a handful of people. I have a very strong need to keep the “writing thing” private. Most people know I do write, but I never really expand beyond that. Except with my brother (and best friend). He is a screenwriter, and he understands all about the writing process. Writing is a deeply personal experience to me, one that I thoroughly enjoy alone and mostly do just to please my own self. It unwinds me and excites me at the same time.

So, I have taken this first step in sharing it with a few other people. I do wonder what you’ll think of it, but at the same time, maybe I don’t want to know? Anyway, at some point it is going to become public, so I better get used to it.





The story is pretty self-explanatory once you start reading, it’s quite neatly laid out in the prologue. As per the tradition of my blog, it is fantasy. I sincerely hope you get a nice reading experience out of this & if you are interested, I will keep you updated on my own writing and it’s process / progress.