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I am going retro for my booktag today. I recently found this on Crazy for YA’s website, but spotted that it’s actually from a blog post written in 2014. But it was just too much fun thinking about a bookish family not to do it, so I’m embracing this tag! It’s a short one, but you’re creating an entire second family for yourself, so it’s nevertheless a weighty one.


Who would your parents be?

I definitely have to go with Molly and Arthur Weasley. They are both loving parents who fiercely protect their children. Molly has such a keen common sense and Arthur a great sense of humour. Also, they both live with hearts wide open, adopting anyone into their family who needs them. Even if those people don’t realise they need a Molly and Arthur in their lives.

I just adore how completely unapologetic they are. They are not afraid to show their emotions. They are honest with their kids and tell them freely how much they love them. It’s all about creating a happy home with them, and even their worrying and mothering comes from a place of love. I really enjoy how neither cares what other people think. And in the end, they let their children be who they are – even if they don’t always agree.


Who would be your sister?

This was the easiest one for me, maybe because I don’t have a real sister and you aren’t subconsciously comparing characters to the real deal. I adore Mor (from the ACOTAR series) and I would love to have her as my sister. I think she is gorgeous, very funny, and fiercely loyal. She would be absolutely perfect for the job. From picking out clothes for my first date to threatening anyone who is mean to me. With Mor as my sister, I would always have someone by my side who believes in me ánd is willing to do movie nights with me!


Who would be your brother?

Yes, you see, this is harder. Because I do have a brother and he is my best friend and I really don’t think a lot of characters can live up to him. So instead of a younger brother who brings in the fun and helps me not over-analyse things (the real deal), I’m going for an older brother to look up to who is happy to take his sister along on his adventures. And that would make it Nikolai from the Grisha Trilogy – who else is pysched, by the way, that Leigh Bardugo is writing a new trilogy centered around him!? And I would also not object at all to having Alec Lightwood as a brother. Which would come in handy, because Magnus would seriously be my best friend.


Who would be your pet?

I can’t remember having read many books in which pets were prominently featured, apart from the Harry Potter series. And although I wouldn’t mind to look after centuries-old Church from Cassandra Clare’s shadowhunter world, I’m not really a cat person. They don’t need you in the way another pet would. But Church does know (and show up) when you have need of him.


Where would you live?

I would love to live in Velaris, from the ACOTAR series. It sounds like it’s one of the most beautiful places to find yourself in, filled with colour and artists, shops and nightlife. I think it would be very hard to be bored there, and it’s not so big that you would lose yourself among all the strangers. I think that it’s the sort of city that is a feast to all your senses – great vistas, vibrant colours, the good kind of noise, and so on. Of course, it’s written specifically as a refuge so it’s no wonder readers are drawn to it.


Where would you go to school?

Is there anyone out there who wouldn’t go to Hogwarts? I tried thinking of another school to attend, but there is none so mesmerizing as the one in Harry Potter. I would definitely be sorted into Ravenclaw, for those who are wondering. But one of the reasons it’s difficult to consider an alternative is also because I read a lot of dystopian / post-apocalyptic fantasy YA. Those characters never really get any schooling done.

And the Shadowhunter Academy sounds horrid, to be honest. It was written like that, of course, to address the Clave’s deep-seated racism issues. But that does not make for a happy school, even if you would learn some awesome things. One option I would consider is the schooling in the Earth Girl series, but that’s just because it sounds like real university and I loved studying. Also: portalling to different worlds. Awesome.


Who would be your best friend?

Well, Mor again, of course. She is my sister after all, and we’re really close. But apart from that, I would love to be (female) friends with Lysandra from Sarah J. Maas’ other series, Throne of Glass. I have always adored her character, and she is just an awesome mix of mischievous, humorous and kind.

In the male equivalent, 100% definitely Marcus from Cassandra Clare’s shadowhunter world. Just think about it – I would get a front row seat to the greatest love story ever, be part of his sassy banter, get all the fabulous dressing advice and boy gossip, and I’d get to play with Max and Rafael. Who would not want Marcus to be their best friend for life?


Who would be your significant other?

Oh, boy. I can’t really decide on one, so I’m just going to pick the one that first comes to mind: I have had the longest crush on Chaol from Throne of Glass. It wavered a bit when he was stuck in his pity-cycle, but since Tower of Dawn I’m all the way back.


That was it!

Thank you for reading & consider yourself tagged if you love this one.

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