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Omg! I just found out that one of my favourite Dutch publishers (Blossom Books) created their own book tag, so I HAVE to do this one, even though I just posted one.  The questions are in Dutch, but don’t be alarmed, I put the English translations underneath each question and my answers will be in English to. Sometimes it has definite advantages living in a country that has such a handle on their second language. I found this book tag on That Blonde Woman‘s blog.


Vraag 1: Hoe avontuurlijk ben jij? Zou je een andere wereld durven te verkennen? (De 100, Kass Morgan)

Question 1: How adventurous are you? Would you dare to explore another world? (The 100, Kass Morgan)

I suspect I read so much fantasy and scifi simply because I would love to live in those worlds and explore them. If I had the chance to jump into one of those universes (would a real OASIS such as in Ready Player One not be the most amazing thing ever?), I think I would say yes without a moment’s hesitation. And then realise just as I’ve landed that it might not be such a bright idea to jump into Prythia under Amarantha’s rule, or District 12 in a Capitol-controlled nation.


Vraag 2: Als je een fictief karakter kon vermoorden, welke zou dat zijn? (List en Leugens, Leigh Bardugo)

Question 2: If you could kill a fictional character, who would it be? (Six of Crows, Leigh Bardugo)

I can certainly think of a fair number, but usually the book takes care of the job for me. I can also think of a few villains I hated to see go, by the way (Arobynn Hamel, I miss you so much, you horrible bastard). If I base my decision on purely my own dislike of a character, I’m going with Kaden from The Remnant Chronicles by Mary E. Pearson.

I just don’t have any sympathy for the guy, he is constantly trying to get a girl who doesn’t love him to fall for him. And then he has the gall to act all offended when she betrays his trust. Which, you know, she would, considering he is HOLDING HER HOSTAGE and she is FORCED TO MARRY THE BARBARIAN TYRANT and he is just stepping aside to let them do it. Literally every single person in that stronghold is helping out at least a little, except for the guy pining for her. Omg, I never realised until now how much I hate Kaden.


Vraag 3: Wie is je OTP? (Ik geef je de zon, Jandy Nelson)

Question 3: Who is your OTP? (I’ll Give You the Sun, Jandy Nelson)

I can hardly be original with this, but I’m choosing Feyre and Rhysand (ACOTAR by Sarah J Maas). But I am also a really big fan of Marcus and Alec (The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare), and I also really loved Liam and Ruby from The Darkest Minds trilogy by Alexandra Bracken. They were just so naturally sweet together and also, neither of these three couples had a case of insta-love.


Vraag 4: Wie wil je in je schrijvers squad hebben? (Kids of appetite, David Arnold)

Question 4: Who do you want in your writing squad? (Kids of Appetite, David Arnold)

Definitely Sarah J Maas, I admire everything about her writing. From the way she breathes life into each and every character to how she always throws me for a loop with the direction she takes her plot in. I would also want Brandon Sanderson. He is my utmost favourite author and has been for a great number of years. I can never wrap my mind around the speed with which he writes his books, nor the way he always creates entirely new and intricate worlds and magic systems. Then I also want Samantha Shannon, considering how the merging of paranormal fantasy, alternate history and even aliens from another plain of existence has gone so smoothly. I can’t think of anyone who did something like that except for her.

I can think of so many more. Laini Taylor, I was blown away by how she set up her books. Maggie Stiefvater, whose Raven Cycle is simply amazing and she made me fall in love with each and every one of them. W.J. Maryson, who unfortunately has passed, but who wrote the very first fantasy series I ever read. And for good measure, please give me Paul van Loon and Thais Teng. Two Dutch authors who wrote spooky childrens’ books and whose books I have devoured as a kid. Who DON’T I want in my writing squad?


Vraag 5: Wat is je favoriete sprookje? (The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer)

Question 5: What is your favourite fairytale? (The Lunar Chronicles, Marissa Meyer)

Do you have a minute? Or rather, about three days while I tell you all about my obsession with fairytales? If it were Disney, I’d say The Little Mermaid, but the actual fairytale is a horrid story that gave me my very first emotional trauma. The fairytales I love the most are not exactly widely known, as I collect them and know quite a few.

I love the fairytale about the clever farmer’s daughter, who caught the eye of the Tsar with her quick wit. When he marries her, she makes him promise that if he ever tells her she must leave, she is allowed to take with her the one thing she loves the most. When they have been married a few years, the Tsar grows jealous and bitter of his beautiful and clever wife. So when he sends her away, she drugs and essentially kidnaps him. As he comes to in her father’s house, he rages on until she tells him: “You told me I could take the thing I loved the most with me, when you would ever tell me to leave. I did. You are.” And he falls in love with her all over again.

I also love the one about Anya and her garden. She is a very lonely woman, but her terrifically beautiful garden gives her much solace and joy. When she takes good care of a weary traveller, he reveals himself to be a wizard granting her one wish. She wishes she would never have to leave her garden, and then only occasionally thinks about it as the years pass. One day a prince comes by, and he falls in love with her. She falls in love with him too, and agrees to go with him to his country. But he lives in the middle of a desert, and she weeps because she misses her garden so. When she wakes up the next day, her garden is magically laid around the palace and she realises the wish didn’t mean she could never leave – it meant it would never leave her.

In the more traditional sense, I love Beauty and the Beast (especially in retelling), and I have gained an appreciation for Cinderella over the years. She gets what she wants and goes where she wants to go even if everyone is standing in her way – I can work with that. Like Kiera Cass said: “CInderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.”


Consider yourself tagged if you love this one!


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