The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern | 4.5 stars

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4.5 star

I had this book on my shelf for an embarrassingly long time before I finally set to reading it. You know when it seems there are new books coming out constantly, and you just don’t have the time and a #tbr book gets pushed back and back until you start to wonder why you still have it sitting on your shelf unread? Maybe it’s because it is written in present tense, which I found a bit off-putting at first. But I quickly got into the swing of things and I’m glad I persevered, because it really is a beauty.

It didn’t change my life, the way I feel when I see other people recommend this book, but it was a beautifully written story and I enjoyed it immensely. It is such a subtle story. It takes its time to introduce the characters, to set up the playing field for the challenge and to introduce everyone to us. It takes its time to introduce secondary characters as if they are primary characters, which in a way makes them something in-between.

We get to know them about as well as the others, and bear with them while they imagine and create the Night Circus, onto which Marco and Celia becomes hangers-on. They eventually come to dominate the entire venue, but they don’t start out that way – they start out as almost secondary characters. The real protagonist, you will come to see, is the Night Circus itself. It is a unique way of telling a story and I absolutely fell in love with it. We are kept as much in the dark about what it is that Marco and Celia would have to do, and that helps with the slow build up of the plot’s climax.

There is undeniable magic within the Night Circus, and thus in the book The Night Circus. It is just as subtle as the plot, though. When Marco and Celia actually start creating, and we realise that their battle is not one of direct confrontation, combat or destruction, we as readers can completely submerge ourselves in the wondrous and beautiful things they make. And start making for each other (*heart eyes*). That is perhaps why its final outcome seems far too cruel for such a game. Especially considering that it is constantly portrayed as a game, a contest.

This is where Tsukiko finally reveals her true colours, and which gives off this vibe of much more secrets lying underneath the surface, never to be revealed. Or, at least not in this book. For the Night Circus keeps going, passing into different and perhaps more careful hands, trying to move beyond the stain Prospero and A. H- have put on it. I found myself loving this circus as if I was one of the rêveurs, and reading this book feels exactly like being a rêveur who has been given a one time only, special insight into the workings of the magical circus.

What I find especially inspiring is that this book was written for NaNiWriMo. We never know what we can do when we set ourselves to writing the stories in our minds. The Night Circus is very well written, a magical, beautiful and especially subtle story that I am very glad to have added to my mental inventory. The present tense sentences add to the feeling of both timeliness and timelessness in which the Night Circus itself seems to operate. It builds the atmosphere perfectly, and you will be very well able to read it once you get into the rhythm of it. The story itself is enough to sweep you off your feet, and Erin Morgenstern manages to paint a vivid picture of an entirely black and white circus.

6 thoughts on “The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern | 4.5 stars

  1. TheAliceFan says:

    I haven’t read it, and I don’t have any experience regarding circuses… do I need to have a prior knowledge about circuses to fully enjoy the book?

    I have hear numerous praises, and would really like to read it! 🙂

    • Adventures of a Bookish Girl says:

      I don’t think you need any previous experience. The book is really descriptive and detailed on what the circus looks and feels like. It is also unique in a way that you won’t ever see anything like it. I would certainly recommend you to read it! You could also liken it a bit to a fair or carnival, think fun mirrors and food stands and soothsayers. But then with actual magic 😉

      • TheAliceFan says:

        Great! I would go and look for it next week since I have been saving up for a while XD

        I would certainly love to imagine the scenes from the book! Vibrant surroundings with magic is always nice.

        Thank you for your response 😀

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