The Coffee (And Tea) Book Tag

I’m so excited to be joining in on this tag! I picked it up on the Instagram feed of, who found it on I’m definitely joining in on the fun, because these tags are such a good way to look at your books from a different perspective!

It’s not just coffee, there is a fair bit of tea-references in there as well. I have to admit that I’m more of a tea person than a coffee lover. I like my coffee syrup-sweetened (*cough*Starbucks*cough*), which I have been told is not what you do when you actually like drinking coffee.

But does it truly matter when the objective is BOOKS. All the books ❤

Black: A series that is tough to get into but has hardcode fans


First Law trilogy | Joe Abercrombie

I have to admit I couldn’t get through this one. A few years ago I introduced my brother to fantasy by giving him Patrick Rothfuss, and he took to it like a fish to water. After also reading Brandon Sanderson, he is now currently working his way through a list of the 50 greatest fantasy series ever written. This one he enjoyed very much. I tried this book before, but I barely got through the first few chapters before putting it away again. I didn’t find the characters very appealing, probably because they are all quite horrible in their own way, and have to do without much redemption.
When my brother started reading this, I picked it up again. When years pass, you suddenly do find yourself liking things you previously discarded (I’m so sorry, Scott Lynch. Lies of Locke Lamora is one of my favourite series now, please forgive me). So I tried anew, spurred on by my brother’s enthousiastic recounts of the book. I did progress a little further, but I had to put it down again. It’s too harsh, there is little to no resolvement at the end (I heard), and I am just not enjoying the read. Which, to me, is the most important thing when you read. Sorry, avid Abercrombie-fans, your books are not for me.

Peppermint mocha: a book that gets more popular during the winter or a festive time of year


The Winter Rose | Jennifer Donnelly

I don’t really have books that I read more often during Christmas or another festive season, but if I have to mention one, it would  be this one. I have read this book so often, my copy is absolutely falling apart by now. I do have a tendency to pick it up more often during the winter, because I like to envelop myself in the romance of it. I love The Tea Rose as well, but this one keeps sweeping me off my feet with its epic love story. If I have to choose, I think that Sid Malone is one of my favourite bookish men. And when better to feel that love when you are enveloped in a warm blanket, rain outside, and a steaming hot cup of tea (… eh, peppermint mocha) next to you?

Hot Chocolate: A favourite children’s book

1351008130_Jan Terlouw Koning van katoren 2

Koning van katoren | jan terlouw

I have to admit, I have a lot of favourite children’s books. I have seen my mom trying for years (before the internet was “a thing”) to find the last book in a series she read as a young girl, and I knew I had to start picking mine up while they were still in print.  So I have a fair collection of the books I loved as a child, although there are still so many I don’t have because I can’t for the life of me remember either author or title.
Koning van Katoren is one I have been reading ever since I first picked it up at the age of… 10, I think. It’s about a boy who wants to know what it would take to become king, since the old one died years ago and ministers have been ruling the country instead. He needs to solve specific problems in the different districts of the country, which are all of a magical/fantastic sort. It is a lighthearted book that keeps being entertaining, and also finds a way to have some real messages tucked in there. I still love reading this book.
But I have a great many favourites. Harry Potter by JK Rowling, of course. Geef me de ruimte! and Kruistocht in spijkerbroek by Thea Beckman also both rocked my world, although I read the latter when I was older. De sleutel van Magister Moria by Berend Jager. There are so many, I was an avid reader even as a child, and much of my fondest memories growing up are of the books I read.

Double shot of espresso: A book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish


the Greatcoats series | Sebastien de Castell

I am in love with this series, it is written in very filmic scenes. The aforementioned brother discovered this author when he was in Canada. Apparently, Sebastien de Castell loves us back, because he fell in love with a Dutch woman at some point and lives in the Netherlands now. These books are not overly known, but they definitely should be. It is action-packed. There is cameraderie, deceit, corruption, banter, friendship, oaths and betrayal. It is everything you would want from a series that is a rollercoaster from start to finish.
It is set up like action-adventure movies of old. The characters stumble from situation to situation, getting in trouble and either fighting or arguing their way out of it again. On top of that are gorgeously lofty ideals shot down by the infinitely corrupt world they live in, while they try to keep a dream alive against all odds. Think The Three Musketeers in a fantasy setting, and you would be right. Because they go from one crisis to another, you can never put these books down until you have finished them, and every single one keeps me on the edge of my seat.

Starbucks: A book you see everywhere


Harry Potter | JK Rowling

I have seldom seen a book series that is still so prevalent on IG feeds, internet lists and people’s bookshelves. My Bookish Crate is doing a Housepride book box for August, where you can make sure the goodies belong to the House you are sorted in. And don’t we all know what House we would join if we lived in Harry Potter’s wizarding world? Shoutout to all my other Ravenclaws! 😉 You cannot get around this series, it is everywhere.

Oops I accidentally got decaf: a book you were expecting more from


Armada | Ernest Cline

This book hurts my heart something fierce. Ready Player One is one of my absolute favourites, and I had been highly anticipating this release for a long time. When I finally got it, I couldn’t wait to start reading. I did a “Reactions while Reading” blog for the bookstore I work at and you can see there how enthousiastically I started out. Until I had to admit, that there is no real plot to this novel. I was constantly thinking there was some great twist coming, something that would explain why everything felt so off, so unnatural. But when there were only twenty pages left, I had to admit the most terrible thing: it was not good. It was seriously not good, and my heart is hurting for it.

The perfect blend: name a book or series that was both bitter and sweet, but ultimately satisfying


ACOTAR – ACOMAF | Sarah J Maas

I thought I loved ACOTAR, then I read the second book and what I considered perfect shattered to make room for ACOMAF. I just kept on reading it until I finished at 4.30 in the morning and I had to work the next day. Worth it. Every time Sarah J Maas turns out a new novel, it is better than her last, and A Court of Mist and Fury tops every single one of them. The way she turns the first novel on its head, while still staying true to what happened there, a perfect companion novel… It just blows me away, how much I love these books.

Green tea: name a book or series that is quietly beautiful


Tigana | Guy Gavriel Kay

I picked this one up on a whim, and it took me half the book to realise how – indeed – quietly beautiful Tigana is. On the surface, it looks as if there are a group of random people who go about their business, who you assume are somehow interconnected. The more you read, the more you realise these people all come from a country wiped away by magic, to the extent that those who came from there are bound from even speaking the name of that country. How do you live when you are physically and mentally gagged, forced to watch your country wiped away so thoroughly even its name will be forgotten, and those who did it still in power, getting away unpunished. This book touches upon so many relevant problems, and it really struck a cord with me. This will always be a book that surprised me with its beauty.

Chai tea: name a book or series that makes you dream of far off places


Firebird series | Claudia Gray

This pick is not so much about different places across the globe or off-world. I could have picked Illuminae, but although it is a stunning read, it makes me glad to be off the ship instead of on it. And I’ve ordered – but not yet read – Earth Girl. But this book does make me think of far off places. Different places in the exact spot, to be precise. The multiple dimensions of this fun read surprised me with really nice world building. Especially in the second book, the world where wealth wins you a higher floor in the endless skyscrapers. It makes me wonder where I would be if I were to be a different version of myself, what the place would look like and how I would live it in. Hopefully that makes sense to you all!

Earl Grey; Name me your favourite classic


Wuthering heights | Emily Bronte

I have had this one in my heart for a long time. That passionate love, and the way these people are willing to destroy one another utterly. I just adore it, and the way they are happy to wreck the world around them. And how another true love nonetheless prevails, mirrorring so well Catherine and Heathcliff, making better choices. And of course, Catherine’s death scene just gets me every single time. I think I have about five different copies of this book at home.

Guys, I’ve truly adored doing this book tag! Hope you found it just as entertaining, and I’d love to hear your comments.

2 thoughts on “The Coffee (And Tea) Book Tag

  1. jessreadsbooksya says:

    I LOVE ACOMAF SO MUCH! My favourite book of the year!
    I also love RP1, one of my all time favourites. And I’ve finally gotten around to reading Armada, about 100 pages in and I hope I’m not too disappointed 😦

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